Call of Duty: Heroes

Control special forces that are dispatched to carry out secret military operations all over the globe


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  • Category Strategy
  • License Free
  • Version For Windows 8.1
  • Works under Windows 10 / Windows 8.1
  • Also available for Android 
  • Language English
  • Program by Activision

Command and conquer with your troops using modern warfare.

The game is very well presented with smooth textures and lots of body. The environments do not look like a scattershot copy and paste mechanism was used to design. It does like as if the layout designers took their time.

Though the presentation is great, they could have taken more time to design objects. For example, you see the same tree over and over again, and it becomes obvious when the same tree is stood next to another. It takes you out of the game a little if you notice it.

The voice acting is very good and even though you hear a lot of the same things over and over again, it doesn’t become annoying. The phrase, “It is just another day at the office” will stay with you forever. The gameplay interface is simple enough without venturing too far into a click, click, click and boom process.

The sound effects are a little old-school command and conquer, which is not terrible, but the beeping noise you hear when you click on somebody should be changed because after a while it does get a little old.

The air support feature is truly awesome. It is a crying shame that they cannot slow the process down or allow you to zoom in a little more so you can enjoy the chaos and destruction. The air support feature is seemingly original in this type of game and it really needs to appear in others of the same ilk. Hopefully there willing be a patch soon where we can slow the chopper down so it is easier to aim and more enjoyable to watch.

They should have made the controls more complex so that there are more options in the game, but its original design is for people using touch screen phones. A lack of complexity is a sad downside to the game.

The artwork is very good, which is kind of expected with a game made by the Call of Duty company. After all, they are not exactly a backroom company where three nerds are doing all the work.

Sometimes there is too much going on to the point where is starts to play like one of the Android fantasy games where you tap and all the firework display starts and doesn’t stop until the bad guys are dead. Maybe toning down the dust and explosions a little would have helped the game look a little less frantic.

The tutorial on building a base (it’s a level) makes learning very easy. They also have the instructions flash up whilst the game is paused, so it is hard to miss anything and you are not tempted to just click through.

Once your money is gone, there are constant prompts to spend, which gets very annoying. It almost tries to force you into situations where the game isn’t as good or as playable unless you are spending money. It is probably the game’s biggest flaw.

The bombastic and epic soundtrack is a happy mix of the FF7, FF8 and the early Die Hard films. You are going to hear a few of the tracks one or two more times than you would rather, but it is a small sacrifice--and they are good tunes.


  • Great designs and a fun dynamic
  • Fantastic voice acting
  • Simple but effective interface
  • The air support feature is truly awesome
  • The artwork is very good
  • The bombastic and epic soundtrack is fantastic


  • Some in-game objects are copy/paste repetitive
  • Some of the sound effects are a little too 1996
  • The game could have been deeper if the controls were more complex
  • The game gets a little too visually frantic sometimes
  • Prompts to spend real money (especially on the mobile version) is annoying
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